And what is Clickbank?

So what is clickbank really? It’s often written in the same sentence as the words scam and fraud, but those cases are often the only ones we will remember (people remember negatives beter then the positives).

Clickbank is actually a middle man between the product maker and the affiliate. Clickbank offers certain services to the sellers (Payment provider, Customer Service) and to the ones promoting the offers (Affiliate Payments). So in face Clickbank has nothing to do with the quality of the service or product offered. At least not much.

Clickbank is as any other affiliate network, but it specialies in online products.Online products as in:

  • Ebooks
  • Online Video Courses
  • Private Mailinglists
  • etcetera, etcetera

Keep in mind that if you got scammed with a product bought from Clickbank, you got scammed by the seller, not the middleman (ClickBank)

And we’re here to proove you Clickbank had great products too 😉

We have to note, that we are not in any way linked to Clickbank.