What’s this?

Realcbreviewer.com is a network of reviewers of clickbank products. We’re not in this business for the money, but we’re in this business to help you deceide if a product from clickbank is worth it’s money. We don’t do Billy Mays kind of shouting and affilaite Buy Now buttons bigger then an Iphone 5. We’re an international group of people wich is just interested in researching the marketing techniques used by the sellers on Clickbank. We started a Dutch version of this website and it was a huge success. We’re  trying international now. Don’t expect our reviews to be flawless and that’s also the case for our English. We have no natiive English speakers in our team, but we’re sure we can make our point perfectly clear with our reviews. It saves you a lot of time in your research. We’re doing exactly the smame thing as you would do when researching for a Clickbank product. We’re combining reviews of others and filter out the extreme fake sales reviews. Combine all the information in one single review so our review will be the only one you’ll need to make your decision in buying the product or not.

We’re doing our best to be as objective as possible. We don’t have to sell the product, only inform you. That’s why we don’t have a hard time when we tell a product is actually a scam and not worth your money. No sales? No Problem! We’re only here for the objective reviews.

Nothing more .. Nothing less