So who are you?

I’d like to introduce you to the team behind We’re a team of four at this moment and we’re trying to serve you as English reading public. For all of us English is not our first language, so bare with us 😉

Nathan Jefferson

Nathan JeffersonHi! My name is Nathan Jefferson and I write the e-marketing and e-business reviews for In my daily life i create websites and love my dog wich is blind btw. I’m glad to be part of the team!

Danielle van Dam

Danielle van DamI’m Daniëlle van Dam and i’m from Autralia. I joined because i love writing and i think this is a good cause. Objective reviews is something that is missing in the workd of online productselling. In my daily life i’m a mom of 2 kids with a lovely husband. You can find me often near my own horse. His name is Joe. Ow yeah, I’m responsible for all health and diet related reviews on this website

Maria Jansen

Maria JansenHello eveyone! I’m Maria Jansen and i live in Italy. I came across this webste and joined instantly. I was a victim, so to speak, of the currently found online reviews. False positive and it caused me to buy some products wich were crap. You know the drill. I love to cook, so food related reviews are my specialty. Please enjoy reading this website! 

John Fernandez

John Fernandez John Fernandez here, and proud to be a member of I’m from South Africa and live here since 3 years. I’m a work from home writer and write a review sometimes for this site. I do all kinds of reviews, so don’t be suprsed when you see my name beneath a review on for example womens products :D